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In harmony with the environment

Water energy is the source of renewable energy. It is favorable to climate changes limitations as clear and renewable energy source. We take up actions in order to exclude potential environmental risk resulting from the hydroelectric power plant exploitation.

Development strategy

We build up productive RES potential on the basis of projects collection allowing for the optimal choice of generation sources. We consistently introduce effective projects and programs correcting our objects capacity.


In connection with the constantly led investment process based on soliciting and the development of  possessed...

The company's activity

ENERGA Generation is a company belonging to ENERGA Group. It plays a role of Producer Segment Leader there which consists of 23 producing companies and supporting ones. The company leads its activity in four areas: Renewable Energy Sources (RES)  System Power Stations - Subsection System Power Stations CHP Plants – Subsection CHP Supporting Services – Subsection Services The...

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